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07 Stats

Test Wednesday June 13

Monday  and Tuesday June 11 & 12
Practice Test 
Exam Review packages available - Trig and Quadtratics

Friday PD Day

Thursday June 7
Practice Test

Wednesday June 6
Chapter Review
P342 1-5,8-10

Monday, Tuesday June 4,5 
Measure of Central Tendency and Spread
Mean,  Median and Mode
Range and Standard Deviation
P323 Q1-3,5-7,8

Mid Chapter Review
P 318 Q1-6

Friday June 1
Work Period

Thursday May 31
Mark and Capture Activity

Wednesday May 30
Roll the Dice Activity 
Creating Uniform, Normal and bi-modal distributions
Tuesday May 29
Population vs Sample
Bias samples
Sampling Techniques
P312 Q1- 3,5,6
for #2 the parking lot example is on bottom half of p311  

Monday /
Types of Data
Types of Graphs
Distribution Types
converting % to degrees to construct pie graphs