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05 Managing Money Term 1

Thursday/Friday December 8/9
Buy/Lease a Vehicle

** Remember to keep track of your sources (web sites) used

What is the difference between buying and leasing a vehicle?
Advantages and disadvantages of each (3)
How will your life style/employment considerations effect your decision of financing?
Why consider renting a vehicle? (3 reasons )

Choose a new vehicle
compare purchase vs leasing costs

For your vehicle, you will need:
Insurance rates
Fuel Consumption

New vs Used Vehicles
Advantages and disadvantages of each (3)

Wednesday December 7
Cost of Ownership
P281 Q 1-9

Tuesday December 6
Mid Chapter Review
P 274 Q1-8

Monday December 5
Mid Chapter Review
P 274 Q1-8

Friday December 2
Retail only Cards 
    what financial institution underwrites the card
Retail credit card that are M/C or Visa
dig deeper to find missing information

Find websites that will do the amortization table for you.

Car Financing details

Thursday December 1
Compare interest rates and features
1200 purchase 
50 monthly payment
19.99% interest rate
Create an amortization table

Wednesday, November 30 
Internet Research
Credit Card Research
2 Major Credit Cards - from Canadian banks or credit unions
2 Retail credit Cards - from Canadian retailers - choose cards that are store specific use only
* interest rate
* grace period
* cash advances
* annual fee
* minimum payment

* rewards
* travel insurance

* introductory offers

Include the website in your notes.

Tuesday November 29
Purchasing: Methods of paying for purchases
Pg 259 4-8

Monday November 28
Pg 259 Q 1-4