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03 Exponential Relations

Test end of next week or early week of April 16

Friday April 13

Thursday April 12

Wednesday April 11

Tuesday April 10

Easter Weekend

Thursday April 5
4.7 Applications Exponential Decay
decay rate vs decay factor
finding the decay factor given data

Wednesday April 4
4.6 Applications Exponential Growth
growth rate vs growth factor
finding the growth factor given data
y=ab where b is larger than 1
rule of 72
P180 Q 1-6

Tuesday April 3
Mid Chapter review
P176 q1-10

Power Rules
p165 q1-9
p169 q 1-6

Friday March 30
Power Rules

Thursday March 29
Graphing y=bn
Where b = 2,3,4 on one set of axis
and where b = 1/2,1/3,1/4
compare and see the pattern

Wednesday March 28
Chapter 4.1 & 4.2 Growth and Decay
a: initial value
b: growth or decay factor
n: number of periods (time)

p153 Q1,2 if not complete
P154 Q3,46,7
P159 Q1,2 if not complete
P159 Q3.4,5,6,7

Tuesday, March 27
Using your calculator and exponents
p153 Q1,2
P159 Q1,2

Monday March 26
two jobs problem
compound growth -- credit card debt - interest rate

Friday March 23
Introduction to Exponential Relationships
Chapter 4 Exponential Relations
Prior Knowledge
Page 148 1-3
Page 149 Q 1-4
page 150 Q 1-2
Page 153 Q1-5